Development and Mutual Approval of Unified Requirements for Translation of Export Documentation

Before translation work starts, Transtech specialists in collaboration with the customer’s specialists develop the Export Documentation Specification for Translation, for Layout, Graphic Design and Publishing. This is to ensure that the export documentation meets the foreign customer’s requirements and is clear, convenient and concise for the end-user. This Specification defines:

  • translation terms requirements (i.e. rules for translation of abbreviations, information and name plates, equipment names, computer interface, faceplates, commands and signals, etc.);
  • requirements for layout and graphic design of text documents, pictures, drawings and diagrams, providing details regarding the required look of the final document and what software should be used;

Transtech uses multistage quality assurance throughout any given project. Every stage of the translation and publishing process is monitored. Consistency and uniformity of terminology and layout are strictly adhered to as are all task instructions outlined in the Specification.