Digital Page Layout and Design

The company has developed the necessary specification and description for the layout and graphic design of text documents, pictures, drawings and diagrams. The specification provides details regarding the appearance of the final document and what software should be used.

Main Stages of Layout and Design of a Technical Document

  • When a primary layout has been made proof-readers and editors check it and make corrections in a paste-up layout;
  • The layout designer applies the corrections in the electronic version;
  • The electronic version of the final proof, saved as a PDF, is sent to the customer;
  • Where necessary, the customer gives feedback with comments and remarks within the deadline stated in contract;
  • The layout designer edits the electronic version accordingly, while the project manager gets the final version approved by the customer;
  • The final proof is prepared for printing.

Transtech carries out preparation and completion of various types of electronic documentation, including electronic technical documents (ETD) and interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM) in conformity with international standards.