Many years of experience

in working with top companies

within Russia and abroad

A full range of translation / interpreting

and publishing services

Multi-stage quality assurance system

Quality translations

of large volumes of technical documentation

to tight deadlines

Transtech is a leading company in the translation business in Russia. Established in 2004, the company has experience of working with over 50 world languages, providing both translation and consecutive interpreting services. In 2015 Transtech came to be included in the Russian Federation’s top ten largest translation agencies.

Transtech specializes in the preparation of export documentation for enterprises and organizations in a variety of fields, including the following:aviation, EW systems, shipbuilding, nuclear power plants, the energy industry, and the construction industry.

The high quality of our translations and documentation processing in conformity with Russian and international standards for technical documentation is underpinned by the company’s multistage quality assurance which is part of the workflow. Know-how and material resources combine at a high level of efficiency across the full breadth of services available to clients for the processing and preparation of orders: from conversions from hard-copy to digital formats, translation, editing and preparation for publishing, through to electronic publishing and printing.