Construction documentation is an integral part of most industry sectors in Russia. That is why it is essential to understand exactly which area of business activity the matter in hand relates to, for each particular job.
Any construction process includes various types of work: organisational, survey, design, construction and installation, as well as start-up and commissioning.

A number of sectors can be determined according to the intended purpose a building under construction: industrial, transport, military, civil, hydro engineering, agricultural and so on.

The two most salient features for technical translators in construction and associated fields are the abundance of specialised terminology and widespread use of diagrams and drawings. Transtech specialists have the appropriate experience, know-how and skills for design and construction documents translation. The professionalism and efficiency of Transtech personnel will ensure an excellent rendering of any such texts regardless of their difficulty.

Transtech has a wealth of experience in translation of construction documentation for the atomic energy sector, notably with projects realised for atomic (nuclear) plant construction in India and Bulgaria. It is also valid to include in this connection projects completed on documentation for the modernisation of oil refinery plants and gas processing plants, which are also largely concerned with matters of construction. The execution of the translation project for LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez LLC technical documentation provides a good example.