Oil and Gas Production and Processing

Globally the oil and gas sector of industry is a vast and multifarious one and it represents the key sector of the Russian economy. To put in into perspective, the oil and gas sector accounts for 25 % of the overall manufacturing product of the Russian economy.

The oil and gas sector of industry includes oil and gas production, transportation, processing, as well as the sale and distribution of refined oil and gas products and their derivatives.

The main modern technological advancements in this area are commissioned by a number of western corporations which have taken the lead role in research and development, the results of which are patented and offered to potentially interested parties. Tecnhip, Linde Engineering, UOP, GTC Technology can be said to be prominent examples of one of these companies.

Transtech has an invaluable breadth of experience in its collaboration with Russian representative offices of these companies with regard to the translation of design, as well as of detailed construction documentation from a foreign language into Russian. Transtech translators working on oil and gas projects and orders are highly qualified, and have a sound understanding of the processes and technical workings of this sector and a close familiarity with its terminology. As much as oil and gas translation is considered to be one of the most complex areas for translators, our language specialists have accumulated a wealth of experience while working on various projects in this field.

At the initial stage, where the company maintains in constant cooperation with the customer, the glossary and terminology vocabularies are created. Then, during the translation of the front-end engineering design (FEED) documentation phase, a schematic cooperation regarding translation and drawings documentation preparation is agreed (meanwhile, in the course of the work translation databases for future use in SDL Trados are shaped and enlarged). At a later stage when final amendments are being made to the project and a number of “revisions” may have to be translated, Trados is used, to reduce the extra costs to a minimum, and it is here that the time-saving capabilities of SDL are fully realised. Pricing is based on SDL Trados output data. Lexical consistency throughout the entire set of compiled documents submitted is another significant advantage when using this software application. This means we can vouch for the quality of translated documents, keeping all numeric information unchanged and eliminating mistakes which can occur in the translation process.

Transtech has developed principles which set the standard for linguistic support provision for their partners in liaising with third parties such as licensors and customers, thus ensuring a regularity of approach in working with the documentation at every stage of the process : from designer to general contractor, to licensor to sub-contractors. These principles contribute to the provision of a high-class linguistic support service, both at the level of translation and for any interpreting events (meetings, auditing, consulting etc.).