Translation services

Transtech provides professional translation and interpreting services in a number of diverse fields: the military-industrial complex, the oil and gas industry, the construction, power generation, machine building industries, and others.

Translation and Technical Editing

  • Translations of texts from a diverse range of professional and technical sectors, including highly specialized scientific and technical areas
  • Processing capacity for large volumes of documentation and all format sizes
  • Creation, compilation and maintenance of subject-specialised glossaries
  • Technical editing of translations

A Variety of Interpreting Formats

  • Linguistic support for training of our foreign clients’ specialists at the Training Centres of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and within client country
  • Linguistic support for equipment hand-over and installation
  • Linguistic support for warranty and service procedures on deliverable equipment in service
  • Selection of interpreters in accordance with customer needs and subject matter, and assignment of approved personnel to customer premises
  • Linguistic support for conducting negotiations, meetings, business events
  • Provision of interpreting services for business trips within and outside of Russia
  • Interpreting for conference calls or phone conversations
  • Simultaneous interpreting

Translation of Video- and Audio Materials

  • Transcription of audio tracks for audio-visual and audio materials
  • Translation of video- and audio materials
  • Dubbing of audio and audio-visual materials

Digital Page Layout and Design

  • Computer-aided typesetting of texts
  • Scanning and vectorisation of graphic materials
  • Layout of translated documents according to original copy design
  • Page layout in various formats and using a range of text editing, and professional publishing software applications

Preparation of various types of electronic documentation, including electronic technical documents (ETD) and interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM) in conformity with international standards.

Publishing and Printing

  • Preparation of documents for professional publishing
  • Full-colour and black and white document printing
  • Reproduction of documents of various size formats
  • Variety of binding options, stitching, laminating
  • A full range of services for publishing technical documentation

Certification of Translations

Translations performed by Transtech employees can be certified either by:

  • Transtech stamp and seal, or
  • a notary officer

Notarised certification of translated documents is usually required when submitting the document to official institutions of the Russian Federation or other countries.