About us

Transtech is one of the leading companies in Russian translation business. Established in 2004, the company has experience of working with over 50 world languages, providing both translation and consecutive interpreting services. In 2016 Transtech came to be included in the Russian Federation’s top ten largest translation agencies.

Transtech specializes in the preparation of export documentation for enterprises and organizations in a variety of fields, including the following: civil aviation, EW systems, shipbuilding, nuclear power plants, the energy industry, and the construction industry.

Transtech, has many years of experience in providing enterprises and organizations with a full range of high quality services in translation and processing of documentation for export in conformity with Russian and international standards.

Transtech offers full variety of linguistic and publishing services, including the following:

  • Technical documentation translation
  • Seconding interpreters on assignment to work with client specialist teams for conducting negotiations within the Russian Federation and abroad
  • Linguistic support for training of foreign specialists
  • Linguistic support for client deliverable equipment hand-over and installation and/or for warranty and service procedures on deliverable equipment
  • Maintenance of technical documentation for the full lifecycle of the product

The company owns 1,500 sq. meters of designated work space which is fully equipped for all operations and processes: there are workplaces for translators, editors, proof-readers, designers and technical specialists as well as facilities for publishing and printing operations.

The company’s resources comprise facilities for processing technical documentation of various levels of complexity and for output in a variety of formats in both hard copy and electronic form:

Transtech has at its disposal an output capacity for up to 50,000 standard pages of technical documentation a month.