Translation of Video and Audio Materials

As well asproviding traditional translation and interpreting services Transtech can alsosupply translations of video and audio materials. With the currenttechnological boom and increasing number of data storage media this service hasgained in popularity in recent years.

Transcription of Audio Tracks in Audio-Visual and Audio Materials

Transcription of audio tracks isone of the most complicated tasks in this field, carrying with it a great dealof responsibility. Transtech employs specialists who have trained hearingabilities and have mastered the skill of accurate interpretation of audiomaterials.

Transcription is only theinitial stage in the difficult and labour-intensive process of audio-visual and audio materials  translation. The audio informationtranscription stage produces as its result a text in the original language.

Translation of Video- and Audio Materials

Our company employs onlyhighly-skilled specialists capable of handling such difficult subject areas asaviation, construction, oil and gas, radioelectronics et al. Those linguistswhose specific experience and education is relevant to the task materials areassigned to the job.

Dubbing of Audio and Audio-Visual Materials

If required, our company can deliver professionally dubbed audio andvideo materials. Voice over professionals and native speakers are involved inthe task. If you choose Transtech you can be confident that we will deliver thebest quality translation of your documents within your deadlines.