Quality Control

Production quality control and services provided to the customer as part of the customer agreement are all procedures integrated in the workflow for every project our company undertakes. The multistage quality assurance system (MQAS) brought into operation in our company guarantees high quality translations and document design while at the same time as ensuring its conformity to Russian and international standards for technical documentation.

MQAS encompasses essential linguistic and technical editing, final copy proofing and technical control. Linguistic editing is performed by native speakers, technical editing.

In addition to that, at every phase of the process flow a document goes through a step-by-step incoming control and outgoing inspection. A translated document is subject to a mandatory reading by a subject matter specialist.

Copy proofing professionals perform checks of the final version of the document twice with particular attention being paid to its terminology and style. Layout is an integral part of the translation and publishing process flow. Outgoing quality control also features at the layout stage.

All jobs in Transtech are performed by highly qualified professionals. Our translators, editors, layout designers and copy-proofers are specialists in their respective fields, have vast professional experience and field specific technical education.

Quality assurance of output production in Transtech was put in place in conformity with ISO 9001 quality standard.