Our Mission and Values

The Transtech mission is to maintain a team of professionals whose expertise and cooperation help their partners in various countries to achieve mutual understanding through translations and interpreting work. Our creed is Transtech’s standard of professionalism, by which we meet challenges and fulfil tasks to time and with high quality results.

In all work we adhere to the following principles:

  • Services we provide should be of high quality standards
  • Continuous development, training and self-improvement
  • Performing works with complete responsibility for the end result
  • Integrity and fair competition

Values of Our Company

Customer-oriented approach. We understand our clients’ needs and do our best to meet them.
Achievement of the goals. Coordination of actions and a passion to achieve successful results by all staff members of Transtech.
Time saving. We do understand that time is a non-renewable resource. We treat your time and our own with care and respect.
Innovation. The world keeps moving. We are keen to move on and adapt in tune with the times.
Qualification. Continuous development and self-improvement.