Industry Sectors

After years in the market, Transtech has accumulated translation memory databases in the following subject fields.

Oil and Gas Production and Processing

Over the course of several decades, the oil and gas sector has gained a leading position in the economy of Russia. Oil and gas production levels have increased, oil and gas infrastructure facilities are being built, Russian specialists actively participate in large-scale international projects. Russia has become a very important partner for a number of countries.
Transtech specialists have gained enormous experience in multiple projects for technical translation in oil and gas subject field.

Machine Building

Machine building is one of the key sectors of Russian industry; it is responsible for the development and production of a diverse range of different types of machinery, equipment for enterprises, tools, and a lot more.
Technical translation in such a field as machine building is correctly considered to be one of the most complicated types of work in the field, as it requires that a translator possesses both an extensive knowledge of terminology and prolonged practical experience. Transtech employs specialists who have a perfect command of the relevant terminology, as well as the required skills set and knowledge of the subject matter.

Energy Sector

The energy industry is at the forefront and centre of the Russian economy and is a sector with great promise and potential. At present, our country is a world leader in the development of atomic energy technologies. The Russian Federation regularly hosts international exhibitions and power generation forums. That is why translations on energy production are presently generating so much demand from a number of Russian companies. With multibillion contracts being concluded in power generation sector, it is essential that such technical translations are executed highly professionally and responsibly.
Transtech employs professionals who possess the relevant experience and are capable of carrying out this task to the standards required.


The two most salient features for technical translators in construction and associated fields are the abundance of specialised terminology and widespread use of diagrams and drawings. Transtech specialists have the appropriate experience, know-how and skills for design and construction documents translation. The professionalism and efficiency of Transtech personnel will ensure an excellent rendering of any such texts regardless of their difficulty.
Transtech has a wealth of experience in translation of construction documentation for the atomic energy sector, notably with projects realised for atomic (nuclear) plant construction in India and Bulgaria. Furthermore, work on translating oil refinery and gas processing plant modernisation documentation is largely concerned with construction.