Translation and Technical Editing of Subject Specialised Documents

Transtech works with over 50 world languages and has at present a throughput capacity of up to 50,000 standard pages of technical documentation a month.

Main Tasks for Achievement of Large Volume Translations of Technical Documentation:

  • Keeping to set deadlines
  • Fidelity and consistency of terminology within a project
  • Consistency and conformity of register to observe technical style for documentation
  • Accurate rendering throughout translated text – fully compliant with the original document
  • Optimal efficiency in resource allocation to maximise value to the customer

A specialised translation application for professional use facilitates the achievement of the above tasks and challenges for large-scale orders. The operational basis of the application is formed by Translation Memory technology. Translation Memory “remembers” previously translated terms and sentences which automatically compile the translation database. Transtech uses modern state-of-art translation technologies based on SDL Studio GroupShare server solution.

SDL Studio GroupShare

  • The fully integrated centralised memory bank and multilingual terms and terminology translation-transference platform.
  • The platform provides collaborative work facility and access for all project files created and/or uploaded on SDL Trados Studio central server. It facilitates the translation management process by enabling optimal resource allocation, task assignment and monitoring.

With each translated document entered, the memory bank is built up. Cumulative memory is shaped to recognise corresponding or similar passages in work on further projects, whereby the system’s time-saving abilities increase and costs are accordingly reduced.

If you choose Transtech you can be confident that we will deliver the best quality translation of your documents within your deadlines. The company in-house translators are professionals with sound working experience in a number of specialist fields, such as: civil aviation, shipbuilding, oil and gas industry, nuclear power complex, energy industry, radioelectronics, construction and many others.