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Defense and Security Industry

The Russian Defense and Security Industry is the network of enterprises involved in the manufacture of combat armaments, equipment and munitions.

The exacting standards set for quality and for accuracy mean that technical translation in the military sector is highly demanding and carries a high level of responsibility, since any mistake can have irreversible results.
Collaborating with various companies and organisations within the RF Defense and Security Industry is a core sector for Transtech’s activity. And though we do not take part in the development or production of special purpose equipment directly, we do our part by translating technical export documentation into many world languages and publishing it to a high professional standard.

Up to the present time, our company has gained an extensive experience in the realisation of projects for technical documentation translation and publishing for leading companies and organisations of the RF Defense and Security Industry . Transtech participation has been notable on a number of large-scale projects for the supply of weaponry, and military equipment to various countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Transtech delivers a full range of linguistic support services for export supplies within the framework of the RF MTC which includes:

  • Development and mutual approval of unified requirements for translation of export documentation into foreign customer’s language
  • Technical documentation translation
  • Electronic and printed publishing
  • Linguistic support for foreign specialists’ training
  • Linguistic support for equipment hand-over process, service and maintenance works under warranty

After years in the market of military technical translations Transtech has accumulated translation memory databases in the following subject fields:

  • Air-defence systems, radar systems, electronic warfare systems (EW systems) and communications equipment
  • Military and civil aviation (aircrafts, helicopters, electronic warfare weaponry, ground equipment, equipment training simulator, etc.)
  • Shipbuilding (submarines, surface vessels, auxiliary ships, navy armament, etc.
  • Ground forces armaments and equipment, including armoured and special purpose vehicles, rocket artillery armaments, etc.

Transtech specialists have participated in service and maintenance works under warranty for a number of production items, among which were the following: Transtech language specialists remain with visiting technicians throughout the duration of the service agreement regardless of its duration, to support the maintenance procedure being carried out under or outside the service warranty.
Transtech has always been and remains a reliable partner for Russia’s Defense and Security Industry .